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Sex Offender Attorney - SORA Attorney

The new and complex sex offender laws require an attorney with experience and knowledge to evaluate the legal issues in a given situation. The best SORA attorneys will defend a client from the filing of charges and follow every possible strategy for keeping the client as far away from the sex offender registry as possible. If a person has a sex offense conviction, the best attorneys will know how to re-compute the scoring of the Risk Assessment Instrument and to work with the Board of Examiners of Sex Offenders to establish a fair starting point for reaching the lowest risk level. The best attorneys with specialized experience in a range of these matters will know as second nature all of the mixture of administrative, civil, and criminal law associated with these complicated matters. The best attorneys will know how to override the addition of points in certain categories and to move for downward departure from unfavorable risk assessments.

The attorney will build a strong case file with support letters and favorable psychological reports. In more difficult cases, the attorney may employ an expert psychologist to submit an evaluation and report to the judge to show that the defendant is not at risk for reoffending.

A SORA attorney who regularly litigates sex offender matters should know the law cold. During a SORA hearing or appellate argument, he should fight every unfair designation of points during the hearing.

The growing number of major state and federal sex offender cases should motivate a person to hire an attorney with successful experience in this area of the law. If you need to have a major heart surgery—you hire a heart surgeon!

Because of the demand for these cases, the Law Office of Adam Bevealcqua has started to conduct research and to write motions for criminal attorneys with cases outside of the New York City area. In major cases, a client has paid for transportation and a full day of representation because most attorneys in smaller upstate areas have no experience handling these matters successfully.

The Benefits of a SORA Attorney

The sex offender laws provide limited options for a person already on the sex offender registry. Every step of the legal process requires careful planning. Unfortunately, I have heard the stories of too many clients who tell me about bad experiences with past attorneys, and it is the client who faces the consequences. The stakes are high, and a bad strategy can lead to a lifetime on the sex offender registry.

Many older attorneys, including some of the best trial attorneys, know little about SORA and the strategies for avoiding the sex offender registry. These laws came into effect in 1996, and the legislature has changed and amended the laws a number of times. The appellate courts continue to issue new rulings about the technical aspects of SORA. If an attorney does not handle these cases, he or she will be lost. Therefore, it is important for the client to find a SORA attorney with up-to-date knowledge about this area of the law.

A good SORA attorney should have experience with sex offense pretrial motions, trials, sentencing, appeals, SORA hearings, appeals of SORA hearings, and downward modifications. Also, a dedicated attorney in this area of the law will have conducted original research and assisted other less experienced attorneys with SORA matters.

Because of the demand for representation in these cases, the Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua has started to conduct formal research and to write motions for criminal attorneys with cases outside of the New York City area. In major cases, a client has paid for transportation and a full day of representation for a SORA hearing in upstate counties with few experienced attorneys in SORA matters.

A person should properly screen a SORA Attorney because these cases can cost thousands of dollars to achieve the best results. Obviously, a person does not want to waste time and money on an attorney with little experience in these cases or little passion for this area of the law (I participate in reform efforts). I only accept cases with a reasonable chance of success. Unfortunately, not all attorneys follow this rule. I do not want a prospective client to waste his time, money, and hope unless there is a good reason.
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